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Alternatively,  you can watch online using your computer or smart TV, via rental or purchase at:

Or, if you prefer to buy the DVD, click the menu item above, or pay a little more at Amazon via:

This streams in 1080p high-definition.
​It might not play back smoothly.
​Please read these technical notes.

By default, the film streams in high-definition, and might stutter because of a combination of your Internet speed and your computer's abilities.  Per the illustration above, if this happens, when you click the icon "HD," you will see several choices of resolution, and  you can downgrade to a number that works.  Once your computer and connection can keep up, please try to give this a formal viewing if possible, by enlarging to full-screen view by clicking the box of arrows next to the "HD" icon.  If you should still want a DVD, click here.  Another option is:  This movie has English and German captions: just click the "CC" icon and select your language.

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